Eish!!: A 'Boney M' Anti-dote

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A 'Boney M' Anti-dote

As a music appreciator, I find December a tough month. If having to join the hordes at the malls isn't torturous enough, having to put up with cheesy 'Christmas' music and, of course, the inevitable Boney M onslaught rapidly diminishes my Yuletide spirit.
Last year, however I discovered a musical anti-dote. The Podsafe Christmas podcast. It's back again this year. Hosted by one of the podcasting pioneers Ed Roberts, Podsafe Christmas is a daily 15-2omin music show packed full of new original and public domain Christmas songs. Do yourself a favour and visit podsafechristmas.com and check out the shows that have already being posted, the daily shows started on the 23rd November. There are already some classics that have been included like Jill Parr's 'Do you hear what I here'[Episode 11] , Twisted Sister's 'O Come All Ye Faithful'[Episode 7], The Candy Butcher's 'Give me a second chance for Christmas' and Slau's charity song 'If everyday were Christmas'
You can listen to the shows at the site, but there are also various methods you can use to subscribe and get all the future shows downloaded onto your pc, you can even get it mailed to you.

If you really enjoy this type of thing go and visit LifeSpring's podcast Advent calendar. Another daily podcast where the hosts talk around Christmas traditions around the world and their origins and meanings.

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Have you seen the local rock version of Christmas music. I don't know if you can still get it, but it is really great. Here's a review.

BTW: roygbiv - the rainbow nation?

Notes from the Cape

Hey eishman,

Thanks for the shoutout for Podsafe Christmas. Glad you are enjoying the show again this year!


Craig : I do recall the album, now you mention it. I seem to remember Barney Simon playing the Psycho Reptile's Psycho Xmas on the radio. You like the roygbiv? There's a wee bit more to it ...
Ed : No prob. Love the show!!

"You like the roygbiv? There's a wee bit more to it ..."

So, you going to explain it?

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