Eish!!: Want to swim this summer?

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Want to swim this summer?

Eish!! does try to focus in good SA stories, but it seems this week you will have to mosey on down to SARocks for that, because it's time for another rant. Two in one week.

Newlands swimming pool
was once, many years ago, one of the country's premier facilities. It has slowly, for a variety of reasons, many totally understandable fallen out of favour. the upshot being tt now closes in April and only reopens at the beginning of summer.

Now the rant. We are very rapidly nearing 1 December, and the pool is still not open. The sign you see is the hand written notice on the front door, pasted above the official notice that the pool will be closing in April 2007 for the 'off-season.'

Not one for relying on rumours, I gave them a call.
  • When will the open? 'Not sure.'
  • Why have they not opened the pool then? 'The tiles ... there are quite a few that need to be fixed ... the contractors that are still busy and we are not sure how long it will take'
  • But you have been closed since April? 'Ja, but a lot of people have asked that ... you know how the council works.'
Actually no, does the council work?

What they have done is paint the outside walls ... orange and green ... why?

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Well done on raising this issue. As South Africans we too often just accept excuses like "You know how the council works". This totally unacceptable so why do we accept it?
Enough public pressure is needed so well done for raising this.
I can just imagine thousands of very disappointed people in the upcoming holiday season. Shame on the Cape Town City Council!

Thanks Arthur, great to have you back online btw, let's hope this makes a small difference. The damage is already done though.

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