Eish!!: 2 great Cape Town webcams

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2 great Cape Town webcams

Webcams seem to have fallen out of favour as the Internet has evolved. But I still think there is a place for them. They are small, speckled, jerky windows into places far away. I love to pop into webcams stationed in areas where people I know live, particularly if I have never been to said place.
Oddly though my favourite webcam is stationed just 3kms from my home. It saves me from opening the curtain to see what the weather is like. The BayWatch.tv webcam is stationed at the Bayside Restaurant in Fish Hoek.
To view click here.

Then there is one I only discovered today. It got me rechecking all my old favourites and will become one I will check regularly. Hosted by www.kapstadt.de it is situated in Milnerton and faces Table Mountain. It is a reminder of the beauty of city in which I am privileged to live.
To view click here.

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You are reading my thoughts. I am travelling via webcams all around the world every day... Ysterday I was in Venice http://www.webcam-list.com/blog/2007/10/venice-venezia.html

It does make the world a whole lot smaller doensn't it. Thanks for the comment and link.

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