Eish!!: Do you click the ads?

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Do you click the ads?

A few weeks ago I was listening to my weekly dose of This Week in Tech and one of the contributors mentioned that when visiting websites, he generally will click on a banner ad, just as a way of supporting the website/blog owner. As he said it's no real skin off his back and, who knows maybe he will luck upon a product or service that maybe useful.

I must say that this is not something I tend to think of doing, but it's something that has been nagging at the back of my head ever since that episode. Maybe I should be clicking on my fellow blogger's adverts.

Obviously Eish!! has banner ads, and it's always nice to know that people click on them and once or twice even buy something from the advertiser, but I never saw this as been a massive money spinner, just a way of maybe eventually paying for the hosting fees that will be accruing shortly.

So my question is simple, do you click on the ads ... ever? If so, why did/do you?

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I would feel guilty if i didn't click on the ads of an uncapitalized blogger who uses blogspot, same-boat concept.

The top-dogs DO NOT really seem to care about incentivising cashless bloggers to help them on their way up. I don't mean with text-replies or subscribing to our feeds, but with REAL CASH for our exhibition of talent and stagnating potential! Some will say that blogging is a hobby etc, no it isnt, its a new source of income, and how do we average SA citizens go about being on par with the rest of the world?

I use Adsense alone with barely a few cents rolling in whenever it feels like. I will, as a logical blogger/surfer, click on appealing adverts of those who I feel need the push!

You're one of the few I could relate to, the rest just have their 100's of comments to reply to and are probably too busy to figure out "who needs their support" as opposed to "who supports their needs"

I have blogrolled you because I like your original, homebrew-style blog. I admire your dedication!

Happy blogging!

Firstly, thanks for the compliments.
Secondly, I understand where you are coming from. Although it is the 'top-dogs' who push our medium into popular culture and pull as along with them (or am I being idealistic?). Perhaps this is something I need to explore further, this coming from someone who fast forwards TV adverts with glee!!

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