Eish!!: Wanted : Fit pool guy

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Wanted : Fit pool guy

I received the pictures below in an email and couldn't help but assume they had to be photo-shopped (or Gimped).

So I did some trawling and let me assure you this is the real thing! The resort, San Alfonso del Mar, is in Chile and what you see is the pool that hold the official Guinness World Record for the world's largest. It's is 8 hectares in size (that means you can fit about 6000 standard household pools and still have some change), 1km long and holds 250 000 cubic meters of water. It cost $1 billion to build and is estimated to cost $4 million a year to maintain.

All I think of is the length of the Kreepy's pipe?

Wanna race to the other side?

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I got the same email, but didn't have the time to investigate further. It's pretty damn awesome, and gives a new meaning to "just popping down to the pool for a couple of lengths".

Just over 1 & 1/2 lengths and you've just swum the MidMar Mile without getting clawed to death or drinking who knows what.

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