Eish!!: Jake sends SA Rugby fans a glimmer of hope

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Jake sends SA Rugby fans a glimmer of hope

Keo.co.za writes that Jake White's agent Craig Livingstone has confirmed that he will not be applying for the Wallabies coaching job and is 'also unlikely to pursue a career with Wales.' He apparently intends to take a six month break until deciding on a where-to-from-here.

So, fellow Springbok fans, there is still a chance that we have not lost uncle Jake quite yet. Eishman has always felt that the best place for him is in a more overseeing/mentor director of coaching position. It's obvious to me that while the current administrators are in office this will not happen, so perhaps it's time to mobilise.

SA Rubgy is supposed to represent the multitudes that took to the streets last week in support of the bokke, clearly they do not. So why not see those multitudes back on the streets? This time in protest? Let's get these morons out of their cushy offices, and get in people that have our mandate and do what it best for the national interest?

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really sad that the guy who delivered on the world cup dream has been shown the door by men who do not even begin to understand the game

Isn't it just. Perhaps Uncle Thabo should change his tune slightly. We need transformation in sport administration

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