Eish!!: Google's Gdrive on it's way

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Google's Gdrive on it's way

Google is planning an imminent launch of an online storage offering , reportedly to be called GDrive.
While it is already possible, albeit difficult to use a Gmail account to store files using utilities like gDisk, this is going to make it easy to upload, use and download your files. Google does face two major hurdles though. There is currently a myriad of players in this market including xDrive, Omnidrive, allmydata, mozy, myotherdrive etc, and Google breaking into this market is going to face the same problem as these companies do, trying to convince potential users that there files are secure.
Having said that there is a fair bit to be said about the potential synergies that Google will be able to leverage. Users of the various online Google applications will be able to be utilise the online storage for the files and, of course, access them anywhere they might find themselves with internet access.
As always South Africans will need bigger pipes and more substantial bandwidth before this becomes something that will be able to be used regularly.

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