Eish!!: Radio 2000 anti-playlist Petition Started

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Radio 2000 anti-playlist Petition Started

It seems that I am not the only one who has noticed that the Radio 2000 rise and rock show has started losing it's 'rock' roots.

Steven Haywood has started a petition against this move @ PetitionOnline.com. It reads :

To: Radio 2000

Radio 2000 management have imposed a playlist on the Ray White morning show (Rise and Rock show).
Previously, this show was a haven for all those rock fans to whom no other radio station caters. Now they play the likes of Amy Winehouse (!!!!)

Please, Radio 2000, leave the commercial nonsense to the other stations.

We the undersigned respectfully request removal of the playlist restrictions and a return to the good old days.


The Undersigned

If you feel as strongly as he does sign the petition by clicking here.

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