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SA - Most Foul?

Maybe it was the result of our first really warm summer's day, perhaps the coffee I had just had, maybe even the fact that I was sharing the room with two Aussies, but last night I felt my body temperature rising as 'Murder most foul' began.

The problem was that I had my guard up from the very start. Knowing the enormity of the problem that was the 'focus' of this documentary and knowing that like the demographics of the country it effects members of the black population exponentially more than whites, a documentary produced by a white ex-South African and narrated by the same, Anthony Sher, focusing on the death of white South African 'Brett Goldin,' I couldn't help myself feeling that this was no more than a bitter portrayal of what South Africa has become now that the Atlantic Seaboard is no longer the exclusive playground of the local Jewish community.
Add to that inherent pride I have in my motherland I could not stop the blood from boiling.

But as the movie continued, I had to force myself to take a step back and digest what was been presented. Perhaps we in South Africa are too accepting of the situation. I found myself embarrassed and glad that the visitors from Australia had decided to have an early night and did not stay to watch. And as I realised that, it became clear. This is something we need to address ... soon ... sad.

'Murder most foul' as a documentary produced by Jon Blair and narrated by Sir Anthony Sher that looks at the high murder and violent crime rate in South Africa and Cape Town in particular. It's world premier was on MNet last night.

For more info click here.

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