Eish!!: Digg.com goes down

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Digg.com goes down

I am a very very regular user of Digg.com. It's a place where latest news stories and blog posts are submitted and 'Dugg' with the most popular raising to to the top.
The Digg effect can send so much traffic to a site that it can cause the hosting server to literally crash, something that has become known as the 'Digg Effect.'

It amazes me that such a massive site can have 'down time.' One would imagine that they have server farms all over the world that would allow for contingency plans should there either be a problem or upgrades be implemented.

The graphic on the left only started appearing about 30mins after I first started trying to access the site, which says to me that this was not planned. Let's hope that this is now the result of something sinister.

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