Eish!!: Can Web 2.0 be used to enhance productivity?

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Can Web 2.0 be used to enhance productivity?

The debate has been raging for some time now. Can the 'tools' available from the Web 2.0 movement be efficiently utilised in business?
I am of the opinion that to often the debate is inspired by those desperate to keep these tools from being blocked by the corporate firewalls. Recently though, I came across an interesting presentation at myPlick that adds a new perspective in a succinct and convincing manner.

Perhaps there is value in the applications outlined in this presentation, however the temptation to use these tools for personal communications is way to high. Ways to control the utilisation would need to be found.
I look forward to watching how the corporates adapt as they realise to potential and find ways of uses it, without losing their employees to "over socialisation."

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