Eish!!: My Perfect City Challenge - Voting opens

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My Perfect City Challenge - Voting opens

Last week I posted a musing about what 'My Perfect City' would look and feel like.
This has, along with a few others, been entered in the 'My Perfect City Challenge' initiated by Your Group of WebAddiCTs.

Voting opens today, which means you are able to read the submissions and give your rating/vote. As tempting as it may be to link directly to the Eish!! submission I have decided rather to link to the Challenge page. Click here and scroll down to the list of submissions. All the entries are very different in style and content and make for interesting reading. So read them all and the vote for Eishman's entry ;-)

Update : [It seems as if the links are a bit screwy on the page, if you would prefer to go directly to the Eish!! vote page click here.]

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