Eish!!: Finally the iPod for me!!

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Finally the iPod for me!!

Stuff the iPhone, it seems Eishman has finally found the iPod for him, can't wait for it to arrive!!

Please send vibes to Mrs Eishman, maybe it will arrive on our shores in time for Christmas!!!!!

What am I talking about? See the full story on the newly launched iPod range @ engadget, fully illustrated commentary style.

[Update : I ran a quick poll of the local accredited Apple suppliers and while no-one is able or willing to speculate on the pricing it seems pretty certain we could be seeing the new iPods on our shores towards the end of October. So if you are like me and ready to add this to your gadget warchest your have some time to start saving ... or finding ways of getting ad revenue from your blog site ;-)]

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I think the new iPod Touch is pretty damn cool, just one major problem with it... the piddly amount of space. A max of 16G is a bit disappointing, especially when you consider that part of this is going to be munched by the OS and then more and more of it is going to be munched by Safari's cache when you're browsing the net.

I think I'll hold off on the iPod Touch until it's got a larger capacity.

Hey, if we give it a couple of months, they'll probably lop a large chunk off the price like they did for the iPhone :-) .

Hey Colin, I agree that if you wait, you will get a better product, but you can only wait so long!!!

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