Eish!!: Elections 2009 - Make an educated cross

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Elections 2009 - Make an educated cross

It's imperative that all us South Africans make our votes count. Below are links all the manifesto's of all the parties Eish!! could locate online.
Download read and distribute to all those who do not have access to the internet.
Not voting should never be an option when there are 40 parties to chose from!

A Party
African Christian Alliance
African Christian Democratic Party
African Muslim Party
African National Congress
African People's Convention
Al Jamah-Ah
Alliance of Free Democrats
Azanaian People's Organisation
Black Consciousness Party ~ No manifesto found
Cape Party ~ No Manifesto found
Christian Democratic Party (Constitution)
Christian Democratic Alliance
Christian Party (Constitution)
Congress of the People
Democratic Alliance
Dikwankwetla Party of South Africa - No manifesto found
Great Kongress of South Africa - No manifesto found
Inkatha Freedom Party
Keep it Straight and Simple - No manifesto found
Minority Front
Movement Democratic Party - No manifesto found
National Alliance(Constitution) ~
National Democratic Convention ~ No manifesto found
National Party of South Africa
New Vision Party ~ No manifesto found
Pan Africanist Movement(What we stand for)
Pan Africanist Party of Azania
Peace and Justice Congress ~ http://www.pjcongress.co.za/res/manifesto%20Eng.pdf
Sindawonye Progressive Party ~ No manifesto found
South African Democratic Congress ~ No manifesto found
South African Political Party ~ No manifesto found
Freedom Front Plus
United Christian Democratic Party
United Democratic Movement
United Independent Front (Constitution)
Universal Party ~ No manifesto found
Vukuzenzele Sekusile Party (Message from the President)
Women Forward
Ximoko Party ~ No manifesto found

However if this is all too overwhelming to you, click here. There you will find a web site that scours the manifestos to help you find the party you are most as home in based on issues that are important to you. (It got it wrong for me, but I found the breakdown of how it got there very insightful).

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Wot? No Independent Democrats?

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