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Broken Records

Two posts, in a day!

Fortunately, I decided to watch the first South African foray in this year's cricket world cup. South Africa were sent in to bat by their opponents, the Dutch.
After a shakey start, De Villiers going out second ball totally unnecessarily, Why he felt it necessary to waft at a ball so wide off the off stump, only he will know. Graeme Smith and Jacques Kallis steadied and accelerated the ship until Smith skyed one in the 19th over. 114/2 , Hershel Gibbs comes in and then the fun begins. Fours and sixes scored by both players, Kallis had quickly passed 50 and Gibbs decided to catch up.

In the 30th over all hell broke loose! Dutchman van Bunge gets klapped for 2 sixes in a row by Gibbs, then a third ... and a fourth six flies over deep midwicket. Now all have realised, hey, he could get a full house. Six, sixes in an over. Surely not?
The fifth ball gets hit over wide long off, just one more to go.
The sixth ball gets bowled, hit and lands well over deep midwicket. That's it, six, sixes!

The bloodbath continues and the eventual result is 353/3. In just forty overs! The start was delayed due to some early morning rain. EISH!!

So, I titled this post 'Broken Records.' Here are they are.
  1. Most amount of sixes hit in a one day innings - 18
  2. 36 runs off one World Cup over - Gibbs
  3. Fastest World Cup 50 - Boucher (21 balls)
There could be more records that I missed.

AB must feel a right charlie now, and well he should. He missed out on a golden opportunity to get some batting practice and confidence before facing some real opposition. The only other negative being that once again the lower middle order have not been given any time in the middle.

Let's see how long the Dutch can last against the SA bowlers. We are counting on an early night.

btw. We watched Western Province (Cape Cobras) try very hard to lose the 20/20 semi-final against the Warriors imbetween balls. They eventually won off a misfield on the last ball. Stalwart Alan Dawson scoring the winning runs to prolong his professional career by one more match.
Scores : Warriors 139/9
Cobras 140/8

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